Started the day a bit earlier than usual. Usual PB&J with short rest. Then track workout today. A bit wet and drizzly, more than I expected. Thankfully everything went well and safe; no slippage.

The track session was alright. Left quad thing still a bit Ye, but not super restrictive. The mile repeats were pretty hard effort, but I know that I still have a lot of speed to improve and work on rip. Trying to improve my shorter distance times, but I have no idea why I am still running at a high mileage.

The warm up and cool down was pretty slow and nice (maybe too long though). I went back home, rolled and such, then showered. Had oats for breakfast, mixed in some strawberries and yogurt. Mixing around the yogurt thoroughly makes the frozen (defrosted) berry juice really nice mixture and it tastes so nice. Also the Vega protein plant Ye that I put in as well this time, for the first time, was pretty good. A (natural flavor destruction) vanilla flavor; didn’t cause as much issues compared to the destruction one, which still has quite a bit left.

Then watched another CS341 lecture (penultimate one), and slacked off a bit. Then went out for a nice piloswine raid, and restocked on items and Ye. Then had lunch which was leftover lasagna (destruction) but nice wild rice, broccoli, and a nice avocado to go with it. So higher carb which was decent, but nice nutrients overall. Then had apple and pear for fruit.

Slacked off a bit more. Read a few chapters of nice book; plot is starting to be nice, and I’m like almost 1/3 through. Then watched a bunch of office Ye and slacked off a bit more stuff. Also had the crackers Ye with peanut butter. I snack too much rip.

Then online stuff for a bit, then went down and played some 2K with a really easy 45 min spin session. Just trying to get the legs moving; not too hard (like 90bpm).

Then dinner which was decent. Had wild rice with some leftover chicken breast, veggies, tofu with minced pork (nice pork though) and spice Ye, and some leftover pineapple and Ye sauce stuff. Overall ok; pretty filling.

Then slacked off more, and office videos. Then had nice mangos and orange for fruit. Then practice some piano. Then this.

Probably gonna roll. Then sleep. Hopefully left Ye gets better. Overall it doesn’t bother me too much now, but it still exists. Tomorrow has to be like a early medium-long, since 9:30 interview and Ye. So maybe wake at 5:30 then start run at 6ish then get back 8:15 latest, and finish breakfast by 9 latest. Then prep for interview. Then do it.

Goals for tomorrow: hopefully I can do more cooking and Ye, and continue reading a few chapters. Also do a raid and get more Ye pokestops and stuff. Hopefully last 341 lecture comes out and I finish it. Just need to be super productive for one of these days!!!!!!!!! Pls