Day 15: Less Exercise & Nothing

Stanley Wongus
2 min readMar 29, 2020

Started the day pretty late. Didn’t go to the usual routine. Just ate the overnight oats with added blueberry and yogurt. Maybe shouldn’t have added the extra protein powder if I wasn’t gonna use it post workout, but overall it was fine.

Spent most of the morning slacking off with Ye and such. Went on like a 55 minute treadmill run (over 10 year old destruction time settings and Ye). Felt alright. Hip feels better, but now I think the upper left quad is Ye. Hopefully it is overall fine for tomorrow. Rolled and cooled down. Then had lunch where I had leftover chicken/salmon pasta with a bunch of veggies. Then had apples for fruit.

Then slacked off a bit more, then did livestream of some jokes beyblade tournament (with destruction camera angle). Then had nice video call with CS testies. Played some nice pokemon showdown; long time no play. Then slacked off a bit more, eating apricots for snack. Also ate a bunch of the Ye crackers with peanut butter.

Then made some cauliflower rice for dinner, with my sister doing most of the stir fry Ye stuff and season Ye. Parents made the other stuff. Overall didn’t want to overload on simple carbs, but wanted enough for long run tomorrow. Had some white rice destruction, but had a nice amount of cauliflower rice as well. Grass fed steak was also pretty nice (medium-rare — medium) and the veggies were really nice (with some leftover salmon), and kidney beans. Had half a cup of almond milk to go with it.

Slacked off after dinner. Had oranges and mandarin for fruits, then prepared tomorrow’s oats. Added in flax seeds from the fridge. Hopefully not too destruction since apparently the seeds were a bit old.

Slacked off more. Then prepped for bed. Rolled a bit. Ye.