Day 14: Feeling Better

Forgot to write this Friday night, so doing this Saturday after breakfast.

Started the day a bit earlier than usual, but not school mode early. Ate usual PBJ sandwich. Took a short break then it was uptempo run today.

It was a solid ~12.5 miles with like a few warmup, and a few cooldown. It felt pretty good overall. My left hip and stuff was a bit sore. My left upper quad felt hit pretty hard (my right one a bit too). Overall it felt better though.

Went back, did the usual cooldown rolling and stuff. Then ate the usual overnight oats with a bunch of fresh blueberries this time left from last night.

Then just slacked off a bit, then watched the BIOL365 online lecture thing 30 min. It was actually like destruction watching paint dry. Did the CS350 quiz. Then slacked off a bit more. Stretched a bit, then ate lunch, which was a bit destruction since it was lasagna and pasta with quinoa salad and a bunch of other greens (and chicken nuggets but it’s destruction so I didn’t have any). Then had apples and pears for fruits.

Slacked off a bit and looked at online stuff, then did the livestream of the day which was me lifting 1000 pounds, but it was mostly just 0lb reps, a bunch of 1lb dumbbell Ye jokes, and finished off with 5 pounders. It was pretty nice but obviously doing the same motion like hundreds of times was a bit destruction overall.

Then did some cooldown and Ye and ate the Keto protein bar thing. It was alright. Slacked off a bit more. Then did like half hour of like achilles stretches and workout stuff.

Then it was dinner; had like nice cod stuff with white rice destruction and veggies and stuff.

Did random Ye after dinner. Then had oranges as fruit. Did more random Ye. Then prepped tomorrow’s oats. Decided to sub in the destruction protein powder for any sweetener or stuff I’d regularly use (maple syrup/cinnamon). Used like half a scoop of that.

Then like did more random Ye, then went to sleep. Hopefully can do more productive nice tomorrow. Left leg hip Ye feels good. Feels like it’s much better compared to earlier in the week.

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