Started off day after long rest in normal bed again; so hard to wake up at nice early time in Toronto. Made a quick PB&J, took a short rest, then did one hour spin session downstairs. It was a pretty ok effort, but left hip (area-ish) is acting up a bit :(

Rolled a bit, then ate the nice overnight oats (added some yogurt). It was actually really nice. Since I felt like I might need more Ye, I also ate a mixed Oikos yogurt.

Then I did 3 BIOL130 quizzes, got like ~80–90 on each of them. Looks like I’m done with this course until the final. I then slacked off quite a bit on like Youtube and such, then had lunch which was noodles and stir fry Ye that mom made. I added some chili oil (not that nice cause soybean oil Ye). Had some apples/pears for fruit.

Looked at Reddit and Ye and looks like it might be CR/NCR for courses which would be so nice cause CS349 android destruction.

Went to Whole Foods with mom and sister to get some nice. Kind of destruction since we were going as 3 people together and Ye. But Whole Foods was so nice; we got nice organic rolled oats, and nice sprouted bread some some other nice. Maybe next time when I have more flexibility I can get more nice.

Went home and ate a nut bar. Slacked off a bit more until evening where I found out I can take a CR on a course that I passed. Since I pretty much already had all 3 CS courses in the bag (hopefully), it would be so nice that I can get away with minimal effort and Ye now.

Hopefully I can focus on diet and food and stuff more. And recovery. Had nice dinner of like quinoa with roast beef and leftover chicken Ye and lots of nice veggies. Had nice fruits of mandarin, orange, mango.

Did like a 45 minute treadmill easy run. Needed to get the legs loose a bit I guess. Left entire Ye feels Ye a bit. But overall it was nice.

Rolled a bit afterwards. Video called with Felix. Then prepped some overnight oats for tomorrow morning. Pretty excited again lol. Added some nice maple syrup this time, and some blueberries.