As good as you would expect from Frozen Pho

So I never knew Trader Joe’s sold food in Canada, or had their brand of food in Canada, but apparently, their Beef Pho Soup (frozen) is. It seems like just another regular frozen meal, but this one is soup-noodles based.

The Box

Overall, the box is pretty standard, but looks very nice. When opening it up, it was a standard mini plastic bowl with the food contents frozen in it.

It took around 6 minutes on the microwave, plus a few additional minutes of rest to let it slightly cool, since that’s how frozen microwave heating food works. …

UPDATE: The following article is considered redacted and out of date, but is here for reference. For my updated thoughts of exercising, please refer to this article.


There is a cost to exercising every day. Exercising wastes time and money. Doing it every day will be very harmful in the long run, and leave thoughts of deep regret.

Is it worth it to run 30 minutes per day?


Is exercise really beneficial for humans. For some, yes, it helps mentally (relieve stress), financially (professional sports), and physically (to lose weight to prevent worse things from happening). But overall, I think that exercising every day is not worth it. Exercising a…

A different Pegasus feeling. But still the Pegasus reliability.

I have had used the Nike Pegasus shoes in the past, the 34s and 36s were my go to daily trainers over some training cycles in previous years. But I’m not the most diehard fan, having skipped the 37s since the infinity reacts we’re working pretty nice for me in the daily easy run category and I wanted to branch out to some other shoe models and brands. Of course I also had the Peg 35 shields and Pegasus trails. Those were solid options for casual running in worse conditions (such as winter).

from online image of the colorway I got

Seems like even number is the name…

Been eating granola almost every day for the last year

Something that I have always wanted to do for over a year now is to make granola, since it is quite simple to do at home. We have oats, nuts, seeds, and decent sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup to probably make some nice high quality homemade granola. Except I have been very lazy so that did not happen.

A video I made last year on my breakfast! Yum!

Hence, I have purchased quite a lot of granola over the last year, since I go through those things quite quickly. For reference, I have it almost every morning; I…

Today was mostly a regular day, Sunday to be exact. I did a 16 mile long run in the morning around 6. Then cooldown. Then had the usual breakfast I have been having for the last~300 days, which is the toast + nut butter + hemp seed combination (x3) along with greek yogurt (and some plant based yogurt) with granola (nice quality grain free one I think) and defrosted fruit (berries + some mango for fun). Was still a bit hungry so I ate an orange.

I then vacuumed most of the house since Sunday is cleaning day. I then…

My First Gaming Mouse!

I got my very first gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 in the first week of January, since I kind of wanted some more productivity in my mouse — been missing out on it a lot for over a year, since the my MX Master 2S stopped working (RIP), and that was one of the best mice I have ever used.

Needless to say, this mouse was an excellent purchase, and I am very satisfied with its performance, and the journey we have been on together since!

What I Use it For

When I got it back in January, I was just around one month into…

Back to addiction after a 5 year hiatus

So I have been playing minesweeper way too much over the last 2 months. And I did indeed improve since the last time I have played this much. I played a lot during Summer ’16 (and a bit ’18 when I had a Windows computer for work). However, with a MacOS laptop now, I ended up using to play all my games.

It’s a bit different compared to the official minesweeper applications that can only be downloaded for Windows (OG clones which have extra built in stats, replays, and stuff that can be used to verify times). …

My very first gaming headset!

I never had any sort of gaming headset ever. I use regular earbuds most of the time, and as of the last year, it was mostly the Bose soundsports (discount during Black Friday 2016) and the Apple Airpods (and sometimes the Powerbeats). During my remote internship from January — April of this year, I was using the default speaker and mic on the Macbook Pro to do Zoom meetings and all that kind of stuff.

It was getting annoying, so I decided to get something more professional-like, for better quality when listening and speaking, and something that is nice to…

I have been Podcasting!

Unlike some other things I have done, I apologize for not posting about my very first podcast episode last month. I have been too lazy and not really focusing on Medium blogging too much.

But overall, I did start a podcast called the Zesty Zoy Pod! I mostly advertise to my colleagues and friends through Spotify, since it seems like it is the best source, as almost everyone uses Spotify. …

Quick Career Recap (so far)

Well, I made a previous post about my Twitch stream, and it was mostly talking about chess. Well in this post, I will further go in-depth into what is going on in my chess career so far.


I made a lot of mistakes at first (and still do) as a beginner. I do watch some chess videos for tips, just from a basic Youtube search. …

Stanley Wongus


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