2023 Reflection

Pretty cool

Stanley Wongus
2 min readJan 1, 2024

A very eventful year, first full year of my life without schooling since i was in peepee poopoo diapers. Did a lot of stuff. Though I don’t feel too accomplished/happy since I didn’t really change. Still the same Stanley as before, and didn’t really figure out too many life goals or whatnot. Just mostly doing ‘fun’-ish things and living in the present.

I guess here’s the list of things that happened that I found memorable

  • Ran every day. Got the new year’s resolution done! ~3500 miles total. Ran at least 5k every day. So hard during like vacations and stuff. But overall still felt good to exercise every day. Also fit in 5 marathons, a 50km, 80km run too.
  • Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Yeah spent almost 2k basically. But getting to see her in person after listening to hundreds of hours to her (especially during runs) was pretty life-changing. Was a very fun night. Very happy and euphoric too.
  • Europe trip. First time outside NA basically. Most things were spontaneously planned. But got to do 2 marathons whilst running every day. Exploring lots of places too (on top of running every day phewwwughhhh lol). Soccer games were pretty awesome.
  • Pokemon Go. Well Hari basically convinced me to reinstall and I’ve been grinding so much. I guess it did get me to go outdoors a bit more lol. But it’s pretty fun.
  • Road trips. The April Phoenix-Seattle road trip and Thanksgiving LA-Seattle road trips were fun. I guess I improved as a driver too. But yeah completely new experiences for me since those two trips are the furthest I have gone in terms of road trips.
  • Family trip to Hawaii was fine, but not too fun since I didn’t have as much freedoms ;). Got slightly sick near the end, and only got to do 1 island. But still a multitude of experiences, and delicious foods.
  • I set a lot of new PRs in cubing. I don’t practice much these days, but finally got a sub-10 sec single/sub-12 average. Went to like 6 competitions this year which is quite a lot relatively speaking.
  • Continued to volunteer like every sunday. Post long-run litter pickup stuff at Green Lake was nice. Sunday routine basically stayed the same as last year. Well due to lots more travelling this year I couldn’t be too consistent, but still was nice.
  • Uploaded >200 youtube videos. And a lot better in quality compared to previous years (ie better thumbnails,editing). I’m pretty happy about that. Went on the Youtube shorts grind for a bit too.

In terms of other things, I can’t really think of what else to put. I didn’t change too much. Only got 2 haircuts.